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Parenting for Liberation

Virtual Chat series


Tuesdays June 15, 29, July 6, 6:00-7:30 pm (EST)


Join facilitators Amber Arnold, Angela Berkfield, and a group of parents to share joys and challenges of parenting for social and healing justice. We'll hold space for grief, laughter, idea and resource sharing, begin to practice somatic embodied skills, and heal together. We are all carrying so much, let's support each other in making the load lighter and building the resilience and resources necessary to parent in a way that aligns our actions with our embodied values.

Our cost is $0-$100 per week, sliding scale. Please see our sliding scale guide for choosing what you will pay. We value EVERYTHING each person brings to the workshop, not just financial support. AND: we gotta get paid to keep putting on workshops. We do a lot of unpaid racial justice work, and facilitating workshops is our paid work. We charge using a sliding scale. It isn’t a perfect way to correct for the unfair, harmful economic system we live in, but it’s a start.

Space is limited to 20 people, so you'll want to sign up soon! 

Workshop agenda:


June 15th - Focus: align with a vision, bring more awareness to our “yes”. What do I want to be part of in the world? What am I moving towards? How does this connect with my parenting/caregiving?

  1. Opening - grounding and connecting.

  2. Community agreements.

  3. Activity: Seek alignment with vision. When I think about the future, how do I want to feel in my body? What do I see, smell, hear? What are my kids doing? What’s happening in my community? What am I saying “yes” to? Action based on actual values. Create a poem or manifesto.

  4. Reflection: Grounding - how am I feeling in my body at this moment?

  5. Small Groups: Breakout into small groups to share what came up for me in the previous exercise.

  6. Closing: Next time we’ll share our manifesto collages.


June 29 - Focus: Gain awareness of where there is dissonance between my beliefs and actions in my parenting/caregiving.


July 6 - Focus: How do I parent/caregive out of what I value instead of my conditioning? Learn tangible practices to align values/beliefs with actions, even when I am stressed out or afraid.


Contact us about an Online or In-person workshop you'd like to see us provide


info@act4socialjustice.com or info@parenting4socialjustice.com