Parenting for social justice

Parenting 4 Social Justice (P4SJ) provides connection, inspiration, and resources for those looking to bring social justice into their families and their communities.

How we show up


The Book!

Parenting 4 Social Justice: Tips, Tools, and Inspiration for Conversations and Action with Kids offers caregivers support for having uncomfortable conversations and taking action with kids 0–10 years old. Using plain language, the book discusses race, class, gender, disability, healing justice, and collective liberation, equipping readers to initiate age-appropriate and engaging conversations with kids about social justice issues. Included are ideas for taking action as a family—from making protest signs and attending a local march, to trying healing meditations and consciously connecting with people from different backgrounds. You'll also find resources for further learning and activities to engage in on your own or as part of a group. Purchase the book.


the blog and social media

On our blog you'll find a collaborative space to explore current news and conversations we're having with our kids on social justice topics, including mistakes and learning opportunities. Check out the blog.

We're also on Facebook and Instagram, where we share the latest media and events and many other resources that support parenting for social justice. Join us!


closed facebook group

Our closed Facebook group is a place where parents and other caregivers of kids who live all over the world exchange ideas, resources, stories, and questions about parenting for social justice. It isn't easy to figure out how to talk with our kids in developmentally appropriate ways about issues like school shootings, kids being separated from their parents at the border, and socially unjust elections—and we often need support to engage about current events in ways that are transformative rather than perpetuating of the status quo. 


In our group you'll find this support. You can ask questions and be as vulnerable and real as you're comfortable being. Feel free to invite folks you know who might benefit from this community of support.

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Family solidarity action network

This is an action group that grew out of our P4SJ chats in Putney, Vermont, in 2016. Involved families are working together to bring social justice into their communities, schools, and around the nation and world. Sharing resources and ideas and plans for action through an FB group, involved parents have organized social gatherings to build stronger communities of practice. They have also worked to make social justice rallies and events more accessible to families. If you would like support in starting a group like this where you live, please email us at


Social justice books for kids

Check out our comprehensive list of books and other resources for children. 


Resource page

Dig into our curated resources for families looking to learn, grow, and center social justice in their lives.